september 2012

Beautiful true

Have a nice day everyone

True that

Pretty little baby

You have to decide what's most important to you. Keeping your pride and getting nothing. Or taking a risk, and maybe, just maybe have everything.

My new shoes

Just chillin' in my bed. Goodnight

I'm soooo cute, don't you agree?


Just for once, I want someone to be afraid of losing me

When someone is the reason for your smile..

That's a wonderful feeling. It's like you caught yourself smiling for no reason, but then you realize that you're thinking of that one special person.

So good

N har jeg nettopp dusjet og hoppet rett i kosedressen min etter en to timers treningskt, det var deilig! N er det bare imorgen igjen, s er det helg, skal bli deilig. Hper alle fr en fin kveld...


My bed company


One of the best feelings