oktober 2012

That's wonderful

Tuesday's workout

Mlla, 324+329=653cal + styrke! Deilig.

Oh boy, marry me

Ha en fin kveld!

The difference between having a butt and having a ass. Kill it

Boy, you know all the right things to say, but to you it's just a game

Going to the gym


Good night, zZz

Yes, I do


Gotta work the shit out of this

It?s better to love someone that is far away and wants to be with you, than someone that you see everyday and not want to be with you

Probably every girl's dream

I can see you

Girls work on their looks, not their minds, because they know boys are stupid, not blind

God helg

A kiss always means something

Jeg er glad i deg, bestevennen min.

If I can make you happy, then this is where I belong

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Kiss kiss